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Hadleigh Temple Band

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Hadleigh Temple Band was first formed in 1894 and known as the Hadleigh Colony Citadel Band based at the Farm Colony. It later became known as the Temple Band, when the Salvation Army moved into the High Street. 


The band is made up of people from different walks of life, some still working, others enjoying retirement. All members of the band are Salvation Army Soldiers (full members) or adherents. We are always happy to welcome any visitors who would like to play in our practices on Thursdays. 


Throughout the years the band has travelled extensively in the British Isles and toured the Netherlands.


The band has a weekly rehearsal which always includes time for bible reading and prayer. We play regularly in Sunday worship meetings, in the local area and further afield; charity fundraising events, the bandstand, hospitals, care homes and Salvation Army Centres. In this way the band fulfills it’s mission...


In Hadleigh Temple Band our purpose is to:


1. Grow spiritually and as a fellowship


2. Enrich worship


3. Be community focussed


4. Support smaller corps

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