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Our names are Marion, Tanya and Brendan and we would like to welcome you to our toddler group held here at the
Canvey Salvation Army 

After a session of free play we stop for snack at 11:00am. This is followed by a short time on the mats which involves singing and action rhymes. Encourage your child to join in by sitting with them - they will enjoy this time with you and quickly start to learn the actions and songs.

Above all, we hope this club gives you the chance to relax, have fun and enjoy being together.
If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know. Please feel free to text Marion on 07930657036

There is a Family Camp in the summer holidays at Hadleigh Farm Estate for families linked with the Salvation Army through groups like our Toddlers. Last year some of our families attended and enjoyed it so much they want to go again! Interested? See us for info and forms.

Toddler Group will be every Tuesday
from 10-11:30

on these dates:
Apr 18th - May 23rd
June 6th - July 18th

Autumn term starts Sept 12th

*Is your child due to start school or Tuesday preschool in September? Please let us know so that we can include them in our special ‘goodbye’ on July 18th!

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