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in 1891 William Booth bought 900 acres of farmland in South East Essex in order to put into practice the vision expressed in his book, In Darkest England and the Way Out. 100 years later a new vision for Hadleigh was born with the opening of the training centre.

Today that new vision continues to inspire those involved with both the training centre and the Farm and captures the interest of the many visitors to the Tea Room.

The above introduction is written on the fly sheet of the book, Hadleigh Salvation Army Farm; A Vision Reborn, written by Gordon Parkhill and Graham Cook (2008).

The book successfully charts the history and the many changes that have happened through the years. The book also conveys a message of renewed vision and optimism that has continued to grow.

For a look at what happens on Hadleigh Farm Estate today, follow this link.

For those into nostalgia and history, there are a few borrowed words and pictures here.

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